This pipe is made of Cuban GRANADILLO wood, mouthpiece made of cream marble acrylic.


Inspired by a small  coral fragment, applied to the design of a very special pipe in its shape and details, the nature of its colors make it a unique piece, so that the colors are natural in Cuban Granadillo wood. The detail of the base made of bamboo estuaries and the warmth of the color that the mouthpiece presents makes it a delicacy and style. It is carved entirely by hand including the mouthpiece and with a smooth finish, revealing its impressive waters and tones.


Weight: 89g

Length: 150,5mm
Bowl: Dried granadilla wood (more than 4 years old)
Cup: 76mm x 45mm 
Stove: 20mm x 40mm 
Cannula: 33mm x 35mm 
Mouthpiece: Metacrilato color mármol crema
Mouthpiece: 90mm x 17,65mm x 18mm 
Filter: Nano
Finish: Carnauba wax