This pipe is made of GRANADILLO WOOD, its colors and shine are natural, it is achieved after a tight bonding of the piece and when polishing all these wood grains are magically shown, the carnauba wax gives it that shine that makes it seem like mother-pearl , Mouthpiece hand carved in German ebonite.


This piece is the abstract shape of a jellyfish. Presenting lines in the shape of its tentacles and recreates the smooth movements that they make when floating in the water, its delicate lines merge in the mouthpiece giving continuity to the design, with movement and warmness.


Made in Cuban Granadillo wood,  specially collected and dried with more than 3 years in a natural way.


Length: 180mm

Bowl: Granadillo wood

Cup: 58mm x 39mm

Stove: 20mm x 48mm 

Cannula: 50mm x 32mm

Mouthpiece: Handmade in German ebonite 

Mouthpiece: 93mm x 32mm x 18mm 

Filter: 9mm

Finish: Carnauba wax