Tibetan tube dedicated and inspired by the intuition used by monks to perform their rituals and refers to the trunk of an elephant. This pipe is made of an indigenous wood from Cuba. This wood has very special characteristics and similar to those of Heather and others those make them authentic exclusivities. You will find in each beautiful colored water that turn into the ranges of browns giving spectacular shapes that make each pipe unique since you will not find another one like the previous one. They are enigmatic pipes since in their manufacturing process you will only know their colors and waters once start polishing. Its crystalline shine and its colors are natural, only use in them will be the carnauba. This wood has a natural drying process, it is cut in its moon season and stored in a place with stable temperatures, it will only be ready after a year but I usually give it many more years to achieve a more intense betting and allow it to acquire greater hardness.


Weight: 71g
Length: 230mm
Bowl height: 34mm
Stove depth: 54mm
Diameter of the stove: 20mm
Outside diameter of the bowl: 35mm x 45mm