The pipe is made of heather, ring made by hand in 925 silver, Ebonite mouthpiece made exclusively for this piece. The piece is inspired by the claw of a dragon shaping a classic pipe in the shape of a pumpkin; the integration of these elements is the expression of elegance and power. It was carved to size in a single piece, the carving of the scales was made one by one and the color aged to give the appearance of a very old pipe as the aging of the ring, and the perfect flaming that its bowl presents makes you appreciate its quality and exclusivity in the piece. The piece is from the claws collection, a series of 6 pipes with its display furniture included. 



Weight: 105g
Length: 180mm 
Cup height: 70mm 
Stove depth: 55mm
Stove diameter: 23mm 
Outside diameter of cup: 50mm
Filter: 9mm