The Granadillo is a very strong and crystalline wood, with very dense pores and of great natural beauty, in which you can see the natural waters that emerge after carving and meticulous hand sanding; when polishing, its colors turn from dark brown with a wide range, up to gold, adding depth and translucency. It does not require dyes or varnishes; it acquires its natural shine when polishing only with carnauba wax. It is a small shrub that grows on the coasts, on the banks of the river and in the meadows, the trunk reaches an average 30cm in the oldest ones. The root is the most special thing about the bush. In a pipe, you only need the artisan's design, the rest is an enigma, because you will only know about its waters when polishing, this makes them very exclusive. It is very similar to heather due to its characteristic formation and growth.


This wood was treated and studied by experts from the Cuban Wood Research Institute and discharged as a wood resistant to changes in temperature, fire, and non-toxic. 


It is collected in the central region of the country, in a small town in the province of Sancti Spíritus. It is cut when there is good weather and in the same area, so as not to change its tones and characteristics, since it grows in other regions of the country and its color and weight differ, drying is carried out for a year in a river where it is collected. . To give it a natural drying, it is moved to another place where it takes another year or more, to finish the drying process. 



Being a Cuban artisan and being on in Cuba for years, it was a dream to think that I could work with heather; I only had references from smokers who told me about this wood, as the best for making pipes. In my desire to become a great manufacturer of pipes, I began to do research in the library of the Museo del Habano, in order to know more about this wood and in 2003, I met two prestigious brands in the world of pipes. I had the opportunity to work in cooperation with one of them,  so that I had in my hands for the first time a roughly shaped blocks of heather and semi-finished pipes to learn the most technical details in the elaboration of a piece. The exchange with a great professor was decisive at that moment of my adventure in this world. 


I got to know heather from different countries and in my 20 years of producing pipes, with Catalan heather, one or the best of those I have had for my pieces, it is impressive and spectacular flamed heather. My pipes are made with very old and cured heather, some over 30 years old, and to this day, I only work with the ones from Girona , Sardana and Costa Brava, regions of Catalonia.